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UEILogger Software

UEILogger Software


  • Supports all UEILogger Cubes
  • Simple Windows based GUI
  • Now with Real-Time display
UEILogger Software
Software/Programming: How UEI solutions are used. Hosted - Connected to a PC with Windows, Linux, QNX, VxWorks, RTX, or similar OS. Hosted also is for OPC-UA, Modbus and EtherCAT. Standalone - Controller with Linux or VxWorks OS, Simulink I/O Target or UEILogger. Available options for this product are shown in the drop down menu.
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UEILogger Software

Software for configuring, and monitoring the UEILogger data logger. Version # 3.1.3.


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UEI Logger- Quick Demonstration

See how quick it is to acquire data using the UEILogger data recorder. In less than 30 seconds you can configure channels and start logging data. The UEI Logger can log analog input, digital I/O, serial, CAN bus, ARINC-429 and MIL-STD-1553 bus data all in one package.

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