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Transformer Signal Conditioner for DNx-AI-254



  • Provides extended output range for DNx-AI-254 to 30 Vrms
    1:4.47 step up transformer
  • Provides transformer output isolation
  • Expands DNx-AI-254 5-wire simulated output capabilities
  • Provides output pinout identical to standard DNx-AI-254
  • Provides straight-through/pass-through connections of inputs
  • Small size allows installation directly on DNx-AI-254 board
Transformer Signal Conditioner for DNx-AI-254
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The DNA-TRF-254-447 is a step-up transformer signal conditioning extender for the outputs of UEI’s popular DNx-AI-254, LVDT/RVDT interface board. The board provides a fixed step-up ratio of 1 to 4.47, extending the DNx-AI-254’s 6.7 Vrms outputs to 30 Vrms.



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