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UEIPAC Linux Programmers Toolkit Versions

Linux TK, Linux


  • Choose from the UEIPAC LINUX Programmer’s Toolkit for PPC Based UEIPACs or for ARM/SoloX (TK-SX).
  • UEIPAC-LINUX-TK is for UEI PowerPC -02/-03 CPUs.
  • UEIPAC-LINUX-TK-SX is for UEI ARM/SoloX -11/-12 CPUs.
  • UEI will contact you directly after the purchase with toolkit download instructions.
UEIPAC Linux Programmers Toolkit Versions
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Linux TK, Linux

The UEIPAC Linux Programming Toolkits provide the software tools necessary to create an embedded application targeting Linux on either the UEIPAC-02/-03 processors or its -11/-12 processors. All toolkits will run under the most popular versions of Linux such as CentOS, Ubuntu, Red Hat, Fedora, and Suse. These toolkits can develop applications on a Linux PC, a Linux VM, WSL and Cygwin on Windows. Once the application is developed it will run directly on the UEIPAC.

You must purchase one copy of the UEIPAC Linux TK or UEIPAC Linux TK SX before you are able to write programs for the UEIPAC. However, you need only purchase one package regardless of how many UEIPAC Cubes you are writing programs for or are planning to deploy.

The development environment provided includes:

  • GCC to cross-compile and application targeting the PowerDNA ARM/PCC module.
  • GNU toolchain tools such as make.
  • Standard Linux libraries such as glibc.
  • Runs Linux_rt preempt patch (some models support Xenomai – please contact for more information).
  • PowerDNA library to access the various PowerDNA data acquisition services.

The actual application runs as a regular Linux process, giving you access to the standard POSIX API provided by the GNU C runtime library (glibc) as well as any other library that can be compiled for Linux (for example: libxml, libaudiofile…).

The toolkit comes with a library dedicated to communicating with all UEI’s data acquisition, control, and avionic boards. It provides the same powerful yet straightforward API as the standard hosted PowerDNA library. This allows you to reuse existing PowerDNA programs developed to run on a host PC and communicate with PowerDNA over the network. Programs designed to run on the standard hosted PowerDNA hardware may be ported directly to the embedded Linux with few modifications.

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