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June 7, 2023 | UEI Blog | Weather Data & UEI Solutions

Our headquarters are based in Norwood, Massachusetts and the past few days our skies have been hazy which is a side effect of the recent Canadian forest fires. Boston weather stations are reporting poor air quality in many areas in Massachusetts and referencing NASA fire models that show how the forest fire smoke is moving down from Canada into New England.

Weather data is essential for humans to stay safe and prepare for what's next. Weather data is also vital to commercial and defense organizations to properly plan, prepare and respond to changing weather conditions.

UEI's embedded control & logging solutions are used for collecting a wide variety of weather data in harsh environments.

Our systems allow users to quickly and easily develop solutions that are flexible, rugged and dynamic.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) and Sea Ice Dynamics Experiment (SIDEx).

As part of a recent project by a U.S. Navy lab to study ice cracking events in the Arctic circle, the WHOI researchers developed a cabled DAQ system that would collect seismo-acoustic measurements and help better understand sea ice strength and behavior. WHOI researchers needed hardware that could withstand Arctic temperatures and reliably collect data.

UEI equipped WHOI’s system with the hardware it needs to withstand arctic conditions and collect key ice cracking data, and ensure the project’s success.


Product Spotlight | UEI Avionics I/O Board | ARINC-708.453

ARINC-708/453 interface with two TX & two RX channels.

This board is ideal for both simulator and on-aircraft operation for such equipment as weather radar and Ground Proximity Warning Systems. Learn more.


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  • July 27 @10AM EST | UEI Free Webinar | RSVP today | Verify Before You Fly – Deploy to the Skies with Confidence! UEI will discuss hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) solutions that can help diagnose early issues, reduce risk of failures & increase confidence in system performance.

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