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March 29, 2023 Blog | UEI, Aerospace & Satellites: Whether you are launching or landing - we are there to help!

UEI, Aerospace & Satellites

March 29, 2023

We had a great time at two shows this month - Satellite Show Washington, DC & ATW Munich Germany. The aerospace & satellite industries are booming. We're excited to help our customers deploy field tested systems. UEI is ready to meet your aerospace data acquisition (DAQ) I/O needs with our flexible, reliable and rugged solutions.

This month our blog is focused on aerospace & satellites, exciting new breakthroughs, challenges and a few of our successful collaborations.

Whether you are launching or landing - we are there to help!

Customer Success Application Stories

Blue Origin
Heat in Space, HIL/SIL

Blue Origin is using UEI equipment to verify that the equipment in the space capsule is designed & functioning properly.
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Health in Space

UEI equipment is being used to support the health of astronauts in many ways. Our systems control their ability to maintain muscle tone in preparation for a return to earth.
Learn more@NASA.gov

NASA Microgap

Learn more about UEI's Embedded Control & Logging applications.

UEI selected for NASA's microgap-cooling project.
Learn more@NASA.gov

NASA Saffire
Fire in Space
- UEI's Space Solutions

NASA launched the SAFFIIRE program to observe the characteristics and behavior of fire in space. UEI's 6-Slot PowerDNA Cube was the perfect fit for NASA because of its ruggednes.

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NASA VMS Complex
Vertical Motion Simulator

NASA is using UEI equipment to produce real-time, highly synchronized, high-fidelity aerospace flight simulations.
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MIL-STD 1553

UEI’s data acquisition and control hardware solutions helped NASA.
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UEI Hardware & I/O for Aerospace Applications

The UEIPAC 300-1G offers flexibility, high performance, low cost, and small size. The unit is an ideal solution in a wide variety of measurement, control and embedded DAQ applications.

The UEIPAC 1200R offers an unprecedented combination of flexibility, high performance, low cost, and small rack (3U) size. The unit is an ideal solution in a wide variety of measurement and control applications including: Temperature control, Remote vehicle control (UAV and ULV), Hardware in-the-loop (HIL), and more.

The UEIPAC BRICK4 is the latest deployment of UEI’s popular RACKtangle® architecture. The IP66/NEMA 4 pending rating ensures it works in tough indoor or outdoor environments. The unit’s footprint is extremely small and is ideal for a huge assortment of commercial and military applications.

The DNx-AI-208 is an 8 differential channel, 18-bit strain gage analog input data acquisition board (layer) for PowerDNA - distributed I/O system designed for direct measurement of full-bridge strain gauges, load cells, force sensors, torque sensors as well as any other full-bridge circuitry-ba

The DNx-AI-207 is a DAQ board featuring 16 differential input channels with maximum sampling rate of 1kS/s per channel, wide range of gains, 18-bit resolution, and ±10V input range.

The DNA-RTD-388-100 is based on actual switched resistors and will precisely duplicate the behavior of the RTDs simulated. The boards are an ideal solution for simulator/SIL applications where an on-board system device is expecting a RTD as an input.