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Compact & Rugged 4-Slot I/O Chassis



  • 4 I/O Slot MIL chassis style, with over 90+ I/O board options available
  • -40 to 85 °C and 100 g shock
  • IP66/NEMA 4 (pending)
  • Sealed connectors
  • Dual Ethernet connections through M12 connectors
  • Power over Ethernet, and/or multiple power inputs for redundancy
  • Support for Linux, VxWorks, Modbus, iDDS and VISTAS
  • Long-term product availability with UEI’s industry-leading 10-Year Availability Guarantee
  • 3-Year Standard Warranty, 5-Year, up to 10-Year available
  • 100% COTS and made in the USA
Compact & Rugged 4-Slot I/O Chassis
Software/Programming: How UEI solutions are used. Hosted - Connected to a PC with Windows, Linux, QNX, VxWorks, RTX, or similar OS. Hosted also is for OPC-UA, Modbus and EtherCAT. Standalone - Controller with Linux or VxWorks OS, Simulink I/O Target or UEILogger. Available options for this product are shown in the drop down menu.
CPU Configurations:
Solid State Hard Drive:
SD Card:
M.2 Solid State Hard Drive:
Software Deployment Options:
Quantity: $4995
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Due to worldwide shortages, the 32 GB SSD may be unavailable. Please inquire at sales@ueidaq.com about current lead times for this product. Pricing effective January 1, 2022.


The DNR-BRICK-4 footprint is extremely small

The UEIPAC BRICK4 is the latest deployment of UEI’s popular RACKtangle® architecture. The IP66/NEMA 4 rating (pending) ensures it works in tough indoor or outdoor environments. The unit’s footprint is extremely small and is ideal for a huge assortment of commercial and military applications, including:

  • Jet engine test stands
  • Flight line systems
  • Oil drilling platforms and refineries
  • Heavy machinery
  • Many other areas that will be exposed to harsh elements

The UEIPAC BRICK4 offers slots for 4 I/O boards, and with over 90 unique UEI I/O boards, there is sure to be a configuration matching your application. Connections can be made using:

  • Sealed dSUB I/O connectors: ensure pinout compatibility with all of UEI’s popular DNx-series I/O boards
  • Standard M12 connectors for Ethernet: ensure compatibility with industry standard cables
  • Standard 4 pair PoE++ (802.3bt) compatible Ethernet ports: may be used to power the UEIPAC BRICK4. PoE supplies up to 55 W, though the UEIPAC BRICK4 consumes less than 30 W
  • 25-pin dSub connector: redundant power sources may be used via this connector , and the primary source is programmable. For non-POE applications, the chassis requires 9-36 VDC

An optional AC/DC power supply is available (DNA-PSU-60). Built-in power supply voltage monitoring offers health and usage monitoring. All this is housed in a 9.5" (wide), 7.12" (deep), 4.3" (tall) chassis, weighing approximately 7 pounds including I/O boards, and typically consumes fewer than 25 W. Heat transfer from the internal electronics to the external chassis is designed such that no fans or rotary cooling is required. The lack of fans maximizes MTBF and mechanical reliability.

UEIPAC embedded deployment: The UEIPAC BRICK4 is electronically identical to the standard UEIPAC Series RACKtangle, and, as the unit is a UEIPAC deployment, it can run fully stand-alone and/or embedded. The standard firmware running on a traditional RACKtangle is replaced by either a Linux or VxWorks operating system. The user then writes the Linux/VxWorks application that runs on the UEIPAC BRICK4 hardware. For more information on the UEIPAC deployment, please see the UEIPAC Data Sheet or the Technical Specifications section of the UEIPAC BRICK4 Data Sheet.

UEIPAC iDDS series: This deployment can be configured to run the rapidly growing family of iDDS products. iDDS provides an ideal solution for applications where data needs to be shared across various chassis and also has the advantage of vendor independence. For more information, please visit our iDDs page.

Regardless of your application, the UEIPAC BRICK4 is an ideal solution for any I/O system that will be subjected to the elements or otherwise be exposed to either liquid or particulate contamination.

Additional information on UEI and UEIPAC can be found in our Software Support section.

Deployment Options Overview

The UEIPAC BRICK4 is also available in different deployment options, including UEISIM, UEIMODBUS and UEIOPC.

More information on these deployment options can be found below.

UEISIM series: Simulink users will appreciate the ability to use Simulink Coder to compile and deploy their models on the UEISIM hardware. It’s an ideal platform for testing models on actual hardware. Once the model is proven, it can be deployed using the exact same hardware. For more information, please see the UEISIM Data Sheet.

UEIMODBUS series: Users needing a compact, rugged Modbus TCP I/O server will appreciate UEIMODBUS. The rugged, IP66/NEMA 4 sealed unit allows you to deploy your I/O system in the field, without any additional enclosure and protection. For more information, please see the UEIMODBUS Data Sheet.

UEIOPC series: A rugged and standalone OPC-UA server (not dependent on Windows), supporting the OPC-UA Historian functionality. System configuration is made easy by an intuitive, easy to use web/HTML interface. For more information, please see the UEIOPC Data Sheet.

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