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June 21, 2023 | UEI BLOG | Real-Time Data Trends & UEI's Zynq Processor

Real-Time Data Trends:

Real-time data processing is a significant trend in our industry these days, driven by the increasing demand for instantaneous insights and decision-making. With the advancements in processing power and integration capabilities, data acquisition hardware is now capable of performing complex computations and analysis on the acquired data in real-time.

This trend enables faster response times, improved accuracy, and enhanced situational awareness. It also facilitates the integration of machine learning algorithms and AI models, allowing for predictive analytics and intelligent decision support. The integration of edge computing and IoT technologies enables data processing and analysis at the edge, reducing latency and bandwidth requirements while enabling near real-time insights for time-critical applications.

Real-time data processing in data acquisition hardware empowers industries with actionable insights, efficient control, and proactive decision-making capabilities.


10X'S the Processing Power with UEI's Zynq CPU

  • Available on all UEI’s Programmable Automation Controller (UEIPAC) systems.
  • 10x the processing power of UEI’s prior CPU.
  • 100x real-time performance increase via FPGA.
  • 3 GigE Ethernet ports, supports IEEE-1588.
    • Quad-core ARM cortex - A53, 64-bit processor combined with a user programmable Xilinx FPGA.
    • 4 GByte, 64-bit DDR, 8 GByte FLASH
  • Dedicated ARM Mali GPU with the full HD video support.
  • M.2 slot for NVMe SS drives up to 512 GByte.
  • TSN Support | Cybersecurity (NIST SP 800.213 and 800.213A)
  • Compatible with UEI's entire product line.
  • 10-Year Availability Guarantee and 3-Year Standard Hardware Warranty.

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