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Embedded Controllers for
Mission-Critical Applications

UEIPAC - Programmable Automation Controller

  • Runs on Linux, RT Linux, QNX, or VxWorks
  • -40 to 85º C, 5 G Vibration, 100 G Shock – Tested to MIL-STD-810/461
  • Program in C, C++, Simulink or Python
  • PowerPC, ARM, or Zynq-based processors
  • Built-In Test (BIT) from Chassis to Board to Channel
  • Active Hardware Security
  • Avoid obsolescence with our 10-Year Availability Guarantee

A Few of Our Amazing Customers

10-Yr Availability Guarantee
3-Yr Hardware Warranty
UEI guarantees the availability of all chassis & I/O products for a minimum of 10 years. Unless you are specifically notified at the time of purchase, all chassis & I/O products will be available for repurchase for at least 10 years. Protecting you from obsolescence is a priority!
UEI is so confident in the dependability of our hardware that we offer standard warranty to 3 years. With a warranty return rate of less than 0.2%, it’s easy to understand why we are capable of offering such a warranty!

Mission-Critical Applications

Health Usage & Monitoring Systems (HUMS)
Internet of Things (IoT)
Ground Support Equipment

Knowing a failure is about to happen can save time and money. A HUMS systems ensures a proactive approach to maintenance for troubleshooting and increased uptime. UEI's rugged, reliable, and flexible hardware and I/O solutions are ideal for HUMS.

If your needs are edge computing and sensor fusion, UEI offers a variety of IoT system solutions. UEI has flexible hardware to process and move data via MQTT, OPC-UA, and more. You can even use your own protocol to your cloud. From rocket launches, avionics control, and ground support, UEI plays a vital role in making sure your final mission is successful. We are trusted by many of the top Space and Defense contracts due to our breadth of product, reliability and proven application successes.
Protocol Conversion /
Avionic Bridges
Command & Control Modules
Sensor Interface Units (SIU)
Do you need to convert Serial to 1553 or ARINC-429? How about 1553 to 429, or even an ARINC to Modbus bridge? Our UEIPAC programmable automation controller is the ideal solution for all your Avionics protocol needs.

Trusted by the US Navy as the Command and Control Modules for the Marine LCAC (Landing Craft Air Cushion) craft, our dual redundant Ethernet capabilities running VxWorks creates a rock solid hardened system.

UEI offers data concentrators that fuse all the sensors (redundantly), creating a rugged and reliable solution that can be used in the harshest Marine and Aerospace environments.

Technical Features

Operating SystemsControl & Communication InterfacesInput Interfaces
  • 4.4.x Linux Kernel, RT Linux
  • QNX, uC/OS
  • Supports VxWorks 6.x

  • 2 Redundant / Independent Ethernet ports
  • HDMI, M.2, and USB connections
  • Serial port for diagnostics
  • Up to 150 analog or 288 digital I/O per UEIPAC
  • Many boards can be swapped within minutes
  • 37 or 62 pin D-sub connection or
Store Data Locally or Remotely
ProcessingApplication Development
  • Save data on the PAC and/or send it out via UDP, TCP-IP, Web Sockets, MQTT
  • SD card, SSD, and/or USB storage
  • Add support to send data wireless over GSM/CDMA/Wi-Fi
  • 8347 Power PC 400 MHz,
  • i.MX6 SoloX ARM 800MHz
  • Zynq processor now in Beta

  • Develop on Linux PC, Linux VM, Eclipse, WSL, or Cygwin
  • C/C++/C#
  • Simulink/LabVIEW
  • Python

UEI's Processor FAQ

UEI offers flexible, rugged, high performance systems that are configurable to a variety of application requirements. This document provides an overview of our available system processors and outlines the features offered with each option.


Video Tutorials

View a complete list of our UEIPAC embedded solution videos.

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White Paper: Internet Of Things And UEI Data Acquisition & Control Systems

This white paper describes protocols available for sharing data between data acquisition systems and other Internet of Things (IoT) objects and services. The first sections of the paper discuss IoT connectivity and protocols. The last section provides three IoT tutorials using United Electronic Industries (UEI) DAQ hardware and software.


White Paper: The Future of Armament Systems

When SAIC developed the new military Common Aircraft Armament Test Sets (CAATS) - a new sophisticated aircraft weapon test system geared for today’s smart armament - it needed rugged, robust hardware and I/O. That’s why they turned to United Electronic Industries for the ideal solution. Read more in this white paper or explore UEI's armament test system solutions page to learn more.

Application Story: UEI & Blue Origin

Blue Origin needed to consolidate custom and COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) DAQ and control hardware into one platform to accelerate development, minimize maintenance, and deliver programs on time. UEI's standardized hardware solutions helped Blue Origin save time, accelerate development, and compete in the Space Race.
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